Table Top Exercises

In today’s threat environment,  it is critical that you and your personnel are ready to implement emergency operations plans and continuity of operations procedures immediately and that these plans work as intended and designed. The time to find out that you have issues with compatibility and communications is not when you go live. It is when you still have time to refine procedures and train personnel. The key to being ready is in exercising your capabilities, and one of the best ways to do so is through the conduct of regular, realistic table top exercises, custom built for your enterprise and designed to ensure your managers and leaders know exactly what to do when lives, profits and critical infrastructure are on the line.


Our instructor staff consists of individuals who have spent their lives on the frontlines of the fight against extremism and hostile intelligence services. They are skilled instructors. They also have lifetimes of real world experience. We don’t provide cookie-cutter courses based on theories. We build and run customized classes based on our knowledge of what works in the real world not the classroom.  We specialize in human intelligence training (HUMINT) and utilize the best surveillance and counter-surveillance trainers, with experience nation-wide.


Red Team Exercises

You can’t defend against an adversary unless you know how he thinks and operates. Our personnel, drawn from the best of the American special operations and intelligence community, have that knowledge. That gives us the unique ability to test your readiness, identify your weaknesses and help you prepare for the threat before it materializes. We think like the enemy, and that allows us to help you learn to defeat him.

Course Design

In addition to real world experience in special operations and intelligence, our personnel have extensive experience in the design and construction of complex, skills-based training. We know how to construct the elaborate, role-play based training necessary to learn complex skills. Our instructors aren’t just world-class operators. They are highly proficient instructors with strong organizational skills and the ability to train others in difficult, complex disciplines.


Threat Assessment

You can’t properly evaluate the threat to critical infrastructure or operations unless you know how your adversary thinks and operates. Our personnel have that knowledge, gleaned over lifetimes of operations in the field. Our evaluation of the threats to your enterprise is not based on academic considerations dreamed up in a vacuum. They are grounded in real world experience gained face to face with the enemy.


Counterintelligence and Insider Threat

We don’t work on the basis of theories about how hostile intelligence services operate or what causes individuals within your enterprise to work against you. Our personnel have lived in this world their entire adult lives. They know the enemy. They have recruited spies. They know how others recruit spies. They have an unparalleled ability to cut through the clutter and get to the heart of threats you are facing.