This course is intended to provide law enforcement and executive protective personnel with an appreciation for hostile surveillance techniques that may be used against them, experience detecting that surveillance and an introduction into how to employ counter-surveillance techniques to enhance their ability to detect hostile surveillance.  It is particularly applicable to individuals and units involved in the movement of high-profile principals and high value or sensitive materials and cargo. 

Counter-Surveillance Methodologies for Protection of VIP's and High-Value Transport

The course introduces the basic concepts of surveillance, surveillance detection, and personal security.  The course will then progress to a series of practical exercises. outside the classroom.  Participants will learn by doing.  They will walk foot routes during which they will be surveilled and will have to detect this surveillance.   They will themselves spend time following other participants while they walk routes and target locations to gather information on the movement and activities of “targets.”  In doing so, students will operate using exactly the same tradecraft used by terrorist groups, organized crime, and state actors. 


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